NY, NY…amo tu gente, amo tu comida, amo to lo que das sin saber siquiera que tuviste… Gela muchísimas felicidades. Jano, mil gracias por permitirnos compartir esta locura con ustedes.

“A mi regálame lo cotidiano, la rutina, los detalles que se te escapan. Ya me encargare yo de robarte los grandes eventos…”

NY, NY … I love your people, I love your food, I love everything you give without even knowing that you had … Gela, Congrats!!!. Jano, thanks for letting us share this madness with you.

 “Give me your everyday life, the routine, the details that escape to you. I’ll take care to steal your biggest events … “

Fotógrafos/Photographers: Jorge Tinajero & Francisco Cervantes